April 7, 2009
DO 33, s. 2009
Priority Programs and Projects to Increase Participation, Improve Internal Efficiency and Improve Quality and Relevance of Basic Education

To Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Directors of Bureaus, Centers and Regions
Schools Division Superintendents
School Principals/Heads
Others Concerned

  1. In keeping with the aspirations of the Education For All 2015 Plan, the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda, and as a consequence of the National Planning Conference held in Cebu City on March 3-6, 2009, attached to this Order is a listing of priority programs and projects as identified by every regional and division office of DepEd falling under three important periods: a) SY 2009-2010; b) SY 2010-2011; and c) SYs 2011-2015.
  2. Inasmuch as these are the ones deemed relevant by our field offices to push further the performance of the basic education sub-sector, everyone is enjoined to support the regions, divisions and schools in undertaking these different interventions, initially starting with raising net participation rates, in time for the June 2009 opening of the new school year.
  3. Regions, divisions and schools are expected to prioritize these programs and projects in the use of limited resources of the Department. Likewise, central offices are urged to support the regions, divisions and schools in carrying out these meaningful interventions by way of creating a policy environment conducive to their implementation of the same.
  4. To find out the progress of the DepEd field offices in attaining their desired performance targets, every regional and division office is expected to submit a written report of performance every end of the month, beginning April 2009 to this Office, Attention: Office of Planning Service, at e-mail addresses mttalinio@deped.gov.ph and rbmasapol@gmail.com, for consolidation and reporting. The field reports should consist of the following information: activities undertaken, costs incurred and physical progress of the activity expressed in specific performance indicators, major problems encountered and how resolved. Important matters arising out of your reports will be taken up during our MANCOM meetings, or as often as necessary.
  5. For the guidance of all concerned.

Encl.: As stated
Reference: None
Allotment: 1- -(D.O. 50-97)

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