Research Management Guidelines

April 27, 2017 Research Management Guidlines is a set of guidelines that provide guidance in managing research initiatives in the national, regional, schools division, and school levels. It introduces support mechanisms, and reinforces the link of research to education processes through research dissemination, utilization, and advocacy. The new policy, signed and made effective on 20 continue reading : Research Management Guidelines

School-to-School Partnerships

August 2, 2016 “DepEd believes that high-performing schools can be instruments for reform. Through school-to-school partnerships, high-performing schools can share their best practices and help other schools improve their school performance Know what school-to-school partnerships is, the benefits of engaging in one, and who are the Leader and Partner Schools. Further details of the school-to-school continue reading : School-to-School Partnerships

Senior High School Teacher Hiring Guidelines FAQs

April 28, 2016 In light of the released Senior High School Teacher Hiring Guidelines, the Department of Education (DepEd) answers queries concerning anyone wishing to apply. These frequently asked questions address concerns pertaining to: Internal DepEd applicants Personnel Selection Board (PSB) and Division Selection Committee (DSC) Compositions Part-time and full time Senior High School applicants continue reading : Senior High School Teacher Hiring Guidelines FAQs

Some Questions on the Senior High School Voucher Program

February 3, 2016 The Senior High School Voucher Program is intended for Grade 10 (Junior High School) completers who wish to pursue Senior High School (SHS) education in non-DepEd Schools such as Private High Schools, Colleges, and Universities; Local Universities and Colleges (LUC); State Universities and Colleges (SUCs); and Technical and Vocational Schools, starting SY continue reading : Some Questions on the Senior High School Voucher Program