1.  Office of the Regional Director - To ensure equitable access to, promote equity in, and continuously improve the quality of basic education in the region and schools divisions under his/her care by leading in policy and direction setting, standard setting and enforcement (consistent with the national educational policies, plans and standards), partnership building and networking with stakeholders of education, as well as by effectively and efficiently managing the financial, human, and physical resources of the region
  • Legal Unit - To ensure that the Regional Office  is provided with  judicious legal and technical assistance in the performance  of its duties, responsibilities and accountabilities towards the attainment of effective and efficient delivery of public service and  quality basic education
  • Information Communication Technology Unit - To enhance delivery of education services and governance functions of the regional office through ICT based solutions
  • Public Affairs Unit - Ensure provision of accurate, adequate, and timely information and strengthen linkages with all stakeholders towards enhanced awareness and perception of the Region
2.  Curriculum and Learning Management Division - To contribute in the improvement of region wide performance specifically on learning outcomes by helping the schools divisions ensure full implementation of the articulated basic  education curriculum, through localizing and indigenizing curriculum, enforcing standards, and providing access to quality and varied learning resources

3.  Education Support Services Division - The Education Support Service Division (ESSD) strengthens the delivery of quality basic education by helping the Schools Divisions provide schools with conducive learning environment and ensure learner’s readiness through the timely mobilization and equitable distribution of sufficient resources, provision of technical assistance and building of strong partnership with stakeholders for increased support and resources for the effective and efficient implementation of sustainable special programs/projects and services

4.  Field Technical Assistance Division - To strengthen the schools divisions in managing their respective schools leading to the achievement of their performance outcomes

5.  Quality Assurance Division - The  Quality Assurance Division promotes accountability and transparency in the region and ensures compliance with standards  of quality basic education and in the performance of organizational roles and functions, by facilitating the setting up and maintenance of quality assurance systems and standards, assessing compliance to standards, monitoring and evaluating region and schools division’s overall performance in achieving outputs and results to inform decision making and guide policy directions towards continuous improvement in the delivery of basic education services

6.  Human Resource Development Division - To ensure that the region has competent personnel through the development and implementation of strategic HRDD plans and programs, localizing HRDD systems including the delivery of quality and sustainable HRDD services.

7. Policy, Planning and Research Division - To ensure that the region is able to contribute to the achievement of DepEd’s vision and mission through the best means possible by: disseminating DepEd policies, and facilitating localization of national policies and/or formulation of regional policies as necessary; leading the development of strategic (6-year) and operational (annual) educational plans and budgets in coordination with the budget division; facilitating the preparation and implementation of the region’s research agenda associated with policy and planning; managing the region’s database ensuring data quality and ready access by users; providing technical support to schools divisions in preparing educational plans; providing technical support to RO management (Tech secretariat of RO EXECOM/MANCOM)

8.  Administrative Division - The Administrative Services Division provides the regional office with efficient, economical, and effective services relating to personnel, information, records, delivery and receipt of correspondence, supplies, equipment, collection, disbursement, security and custody of property, and reportorial work to oversight agencies, that are compliant with existing laws, rules and regulations to ensure an enabling and supportive environment to the Regional Office operations

  • Asset Management Section - provides and gives equitable services to the delivery of basic education assets, supplies; Instructional Materials and needed resources and establish Socialized Standards, Structures and mechanism to implement and ensure efficient delivery of Property and Supply Management System in accordance with COA rules and regulations
  • Cash Section - provides services to the RO related to cash collections, disbursements, liquidations and preparation of reports to the accounting office to ensure proper utilization and timely disbursement  of funds and liquidation of cash advances to pay for government obligation in accordance with accounting and auditing rules and regulations
  • Personnel Section - ensures the acquisition of personnel and tracking their movement within the organization, the timely receipt of their compensation and mandated benefits and provides personnel related information by managing the employee data base and records
  • Records Section - provides administrative support to the management and staff of the region  to ensure the receipt, recording, and distribution of  official correspondence and documents;  safekeeping, preservation, and retrieval of records and files of  operational, legal and historical value; and the disposition  of files and records  according to existing laws and policies; through the establishment and maintenance of an effective and efficient records management system in the regional office and provision of technical assistance  to the schools division offices
  • General Services Unit - ensures efficient, economical and effective general support services relating to safety and security of office personnel, premises, documents and properties; ground and landscape maintenance, building and office facilities maintenance, and motor pool services in order to provide the regional office personnel with a safe, clean and healthy environment conducive to the effective performance of their respective functions and delivery of services

9.  Finance Division - provide advice to the Regional Director on the financial resources of the Region and  on its utilization and provide services in budgeting, accounting, reporting,  and coordinating with government oversight  and fiscal agencies in order to ensure judicious expenditures ,to support and attain the Department’s vision, mission and goals

  • Accounting Section - maintains financial records and reports to provide management with information for decision making and accounting reports to oversight agencies to ensure the proper utilization of funds in accordance with accounting and auditing rules and regulations
  • Budget Section - provides management with economical, efficient, and effective budgeting services and reliable and timely financial information for decision making towards the cost-effective allocation and utilization of financial resources of the region