A.  Cash Section

  1. Payment of External and Internal Claims
  2. Payment of Obligation

B.  Curriculum and Learning Management Division

  1. Access to LRMDS Portal 396
  2. Procedure for the Use of LRMDS Computers

C.  Legal Unit 399

  1. Legal Assistance to Walk-in Clients
  2. Request for Correction of Entries in School Record

D.  National Educators Academy of the Philippines – Regional Office

  1. Recognition of Professional Development Programs/Courses

E.  Personnel Section

  1.  Acceptance of Employment Application (walk-in)
  2.  Acceptance of Employment Application (Online)
  3.  Issuance of Certificate of Last Payment (CLP)

F.  Policy, Planning and Research Division

  1. Generation of School IDs for New Schools and/or Adding or Updating of SHS Program Offering (Public, Private & SUC/LUC)
  2. Request for Reversion

G.  Public Affairs Unit 413

  1.  Public assistance (email) 413
  2. Public assistance (Hotline and Walk-in)
  3.  Standard Freedom of Information (FOI) Request through Walk-In Facility and Mail

H.  Quality Assurance Division

  1. Application for the Opening/Additional Offering of SHS Program for Private Schools
  2. Application for Tuition and Other School Fees (TOSF), No Increase and Proposed New Fees of Private Schools
  3. Issuance of special orders for graduation of private school  learners

I.  Records Section

  1. Certification, Authentication, Verification (CAV)
  2. Issuance of Requested Documents (CTC and Photocopy of Documents) 430
  3. Issuance of Requested Documents (Non-CTC).
  4. Receiving of Communications
  5. Receiving of Complaint


A.  Accounting Section

  1. Certification as to Availability of Funds
  2. Endorsement of Request for Cash Allocation from SDOs

B.  Budget Section

  1.    Disbursement Updating

  2.   Downloading/ Fund Transfers of SAROs received from Central Office to Schools Division Office and Implementing Units

  3.  Letter of Acceptance for Downloaded Funds

  4. Obligation of Expenditure (Incurrence of Obligation Charged to Approved Budget Allocation per GAARD and Other Budget Laws/Authority)

  5. Processing of Budget Utilization Request & Status (BURS)

C.  Cash Section

  1. Handling of Cash Advances

D.  Human Resource and Development Division

  1. Rewards and Recognition

E.    Legal Unit 454

  1. Processing of communication received through Public Assistance Action Center (PAAC)
  2. Request for Certification as to the Pendency or Non-Pendency of an Administrative Case

F.  Personnel Section

  1. Application for Leave
  2. Application for Retirement/Survivorship/Disability Benefit
  3. Foreign Travel Authority Request (For Personal Reason)
  4. Foreign Travel Authority Request on Official Time or Official Business
  5. Issuance of Certificate for Remittances
  6. Issuance of Certificate of Employment and/or Service Record
  7. Processing of Equivalent Record Form (ERF)
  8. Processing of Study Leave
  9. Processing of Terminal Leave Benefits
  10. Request for Transfer from Another Region
  11. Stoppage/Deletion of Deductions in the Payroll (Loans and Insurances)

G.  Quality Assurance Division

  1. Application for Establishment, Merging, Conversion, and Naming/ Renaming of Public Schools and Separation of Public Schools