OFFICE OF THE REGIONAL DIRECTOR To ensure equitable access to, promote equity in, and continuously improve the quality of basic education in the region and schools divisions under his/her care by leading in policy and direction setting, standard setting and enforcement (consistent with the national educational policies, plans and standards), partnership building and networking with stakeholders of education, as well as by effectively and efficiently managing the financial, human, and physical resources of the region.


  • Provide legal advice and render legal opinions to the Regional Director and officials of the region;
  • Interpret laws and rules affecting the operation of the Department; prepare contracts and instruments to which the Department is a party, and interpret provisions of contracts covering work performed for the Department by private entities;
  • Handles legal and investigation matters concerning the regional office and its employees, and those delegated by the Central Office;
INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY (ICT) UNIT Manage the ICT System and infrastructure to effectively support operations, ICT-related plans and programs of the divisions/units within the region;


  • Manage the communication system, processes and mechanisms to strengthen relationships with external partners, media organizations and inform the public of the status and accomplishments of the region;
  • Provide direct communication support to the Regional Director and other official spokespersons (speeches, messages, media coverage, talking points, and other similar public and media relations requirements);
  • Manage information flow and communications in support of crisis management;

CURRICULUM AND LEARNING MANAGEMENT DIVISION To ensure full implementation of the articulated basic education curriculum (pre-school, elementary, secondary & ALS), its localization/indigenization and increase access to quality and varied learning resources towards improvement in the quality of learning outcomes.

QUALITY ASSURANCE DIVISION To ensure compliance with standards of quality basic education by assessing, monitoring and evaluating the region and schools division performances to inform decision making and guide policy directions in the region towards continuous improvement in the delivery of basic education.


To ensure competent personnel and staff in the regional and schools division offices through the implementation and management of an efficient and effective training and development system towards improved professional competencies and organizational performance in the delivery of basic education.

FIELD TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE (FTA) DIVISION  To coordinate and integrate the provision of technical assistance (TA) to schools divisions with the purpose of facilitating the delivery of quality basic education and create an enabling environment for schools and learning centers.


To facilitate the formulation and implementation of education plans, policies, standards and guidelines in all areas of basic education in the region through the conduct of research studies and the development and maintenance of the Regional Education Planning and Data Management Systems in order to inform and guide management's strategic and operational decisions in the delivery of quality basic education.


To support the delivery of basic education through programs, projects, and the provision of needed resources to the Schools Divisions in order to create an environment conducive to learning and ensure learner readiness to learn through:
  • School Health and Nutrition
  • Education Facilities
  • Programs and Services (e.g. DRRM, School Sports, Guidance and Counseling, etc.)


To provide the regional office with efficient, economical, and effective services relating to personnel, records, receipt of correspondence, supplies, equipment, collection, disbursement, security and custody of property, and reportorial work to oversight agencies.

FINANCE DIVISION To provide advice to the Regional Director on the financial resource of the region and provide services in budgeting, accounting, reporting and coordinating with government oversight agencies.