September 18, 1996 – DO 64, s. 1996 – Regular Annual Collection and Processing of Basic Education Data


September 18, 1996
DO 64, s. 1996
Regular Annual Collection and Processing of Basic Education Data

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
School Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators

  1. The annual activities of the Department start this school year with the distribution, collection and processing of the unified data gathering forms which essentially generate basic school data.
  2. The unified data gathering forms covering SY 1996-1997 shall consist of the following:
    1. Public Elementary School Profile
    2. School District Profile
    3. Data on Special Education School and Pupil Data
    4. Unified School Profile (for elementary and secondary)
  3. The data gathering instruments are designed for electronic data processing. Thus, the design and revision of these forms and the development of the computer program to process the data have been undertaken by the Office of the Planning Service (PSO).
  4. The head of the regional planning unit and the chiefs of promotional divisions shall jointly undertake the distribution and collection of the accomplished forms.
  5. Schools superintendents, vocational school superintendents/administrators, secondary school principals, district supervisors and heads of elementary schools are held responsible and accountable for the prompt, complete and accurate filling up of the data gathering forms and the timely submission of the same.
  6. Heads of public elementary schools shall submit their duly accomplished school profiles to the district office where they belong on or before third Friday of October, 1996. Heads of public secondary schools and private schools offering elementary and/or secondary education shall submit their duly accomplished school profiles to the division office where they belong on or before the first Monday of November, 1996.
  7. The district offices shall submit their school profiles of public elementary schools to their respective division offices on or before the Second Monday of November, 1996. Division offices shall submit the school profiles of all the offices under their jurisdiction to their respective regional offices on or before the First Monday of December, 1996.
  8. The regional offices shall electronically process the elementary school profile, school district and unified school profiles to produce school district, school division and regional statistical bulletins. The outputs, in hard copies and diskettes, shall be submitted to OPS on or before the last week of January, 1997. OPS shall then consolidate the regional outputs to produce the Department’s statistical bulletin.
  9. Statistical bulletins produced by the regional offices shall be distributed to their respective district and division offices on or before the first week of February, 1997, The DECS Statistical Bulletin shall be distributed by OPS to the DECS regional offices, bureaus, centers, government and nongovernment organizations and interested data users on or before the last week of March, 1997.
  10. The regional directors are advised to implement rigid data control and verification procedures to ensure complete, accurate and reliable data. They are also directed to hold the school administrators responsible and accountable for the accuracy and completeness of the entries in the unified data gathering forms.
  11. Full attention and strict compliance with this Order is earnestly requested of all concerned to ensure the successful implementation of this annual statistical activity.
  12. This Order supersedes previous DECS Order regarding annual collection and processing of basic education data.

Reference: DECS Order No. 42, s. 1995

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