The product of the collaboration of the Department of Education, Stairway Foundation, Inc., and the Internet and Mobile Marketers Association of the Philippines with the goal of increasing awareness on the issues encountered by our learners in the online world and how to address such issues by acquiring protective skills and promoting positive online behavior.


Project for Keeps

Do you know your child’s online friends?

This social media campaign that aims to raise awareness on the dangers of ‘friending’ strangers online. It is targeted towards teenagers who have active social media accounts.



Feel free to share the videos in your social media accounts or show them to other adults and children that you know. Download the video here.



Eskwelahang nagtuturo sa mga bata kung paano maging ligtas online.

The name is a playful combination of of ‘daliri’ and ‘eskwela’, to signify that children use their fingers to enter and navigate the online world.

This school teaches children tips and tricks on how to be safe in the Internet. Issues such as Cyberbullying, Online Chatting, Online Gaming Addiction, and Online Pornography are tackled in this video series. This also has an accompanying brochure so that parents and guardians also know how they can ensure their child’s safety at home.

The videos are meant to be educational and is complimentary to the lessons in the Cybersafe Lesson Plans for Grades Five to Six and Junior High.



You can download the videos and brochures for free! Click this link to direct you to the download site.