DO 51, s. 2002 – Policy of Educational Field Trips (Supplement to DepEd Order No. 56, s. 2001)

October 25, 2002
DO 51, s. 2002
Policy of Educational Field Trips (Supplement to DepEd Order No. 56, s. 2001)

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
District Supervisors
Public and Private Elementary and Secondary School Principals

In light of the recent vehicular accident in Isabela resulting in the death of several elementary schoolchildren who went on an educational field trip, the following guidelines are being issued in addition to those contained in DepEd Order No. 56 s. 2001 (copy attached):
1.  Written consent from parents of schoolchildren joining the field trip should always be secured.
2.  School teachers should always accompany the schoolchildren from the time they assemble for the field trip up to the time they leave for their respective homes. Parent volunteers should also be encouraged to join the field trip to help in looking after the schoolchildren.
3.  The principal or teacher responsible for organizing the field trip should select the safest means of transportation. Passengers should be loaded into the vehicle in accordance with the maximum passenger capacity. Schoolchildren should not be allowed to ride on the roof of motor vehicles or on the boarding platform (“sabit”).
4.  Drivers should be advised to drive with extreme care considering the number of schoolchildren-passengers. Furthermore they should be advised against taking any alcoholic drinks for the entire duration of the field trip.
5.  If the field trip involves swimming or some other recreational activity or sport after the visit to the places of interest, teachers (or lifeguards in the case of swimming) should be strategically stationed to watch over the schoolchildren.
6.  To the extent that resources would allow, the school principals or teachers should arrange for optional accident insurance coverage for the schoolchildren who will join the field trip.The above guidelines are only some of the many possible precautionary measures. School principals and teachers are enjoined to identify additional measures, guided by the principle that since they exercise temporary parental authority over the schoolchildren, they should treat them in a manner that a responsible and caring parent would treat his/her own children.
For immediate and wide dissemination.

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DepEd Order No: (56, S. 2001)

Allotment: 1-(D.O. 50-97)

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