November 19, 2021

Home is where the heart is as the adage says. Probably no other place can ever replace the home where we spent most of our lives. But there comes a time when we have to be away from our place because of work or when we have to further our knowledge by schooling among other reasons. Short trips for vacation, official business trips and functions are also common reasons why we have to be away from our families. The pandemic has also made most of the workforce decide to stay in a place that is near to their workplaces due to the unpredictable lockdowns in most areas. Temporary accommodations for such travels and reasons plays an important part for these journeys, be it for vacation, work or schooling. The length of stay also determines the type of accommodation we would avail. Convenience and budget amongst other deciding factors are the most commonly considered reasons on where to spend the days while we are away from home. Short vacation trips and travels would prefer a hotel, an inn or even a backpacker’s lodge – choosing convenience and comfort, sometimes regardless of the cost. However, the students and working people who need to be away for a longer period of time would have more considerations in choosing a place that they can call a second home. While most who have a bigger budget to spend would prefer a rented condominium unit or an apartment, dormitories are an alternative option for many for certain reasons.

A dormitory is described as a large bedroom for a number of people in a school or institution. This is common for schools wherein they offer an accommodation for their students especially for freshmen. Other institutions offer the same for their employees and staff assigned to other areas and field offices who have official travels and business trips. They also offer it to their employees who opted to stay near their offices. Some dorms would be exclusive for their employees while others open it for people that are not affiliated to their agency. An income-generating business and at the same time a service provided to their employees.

A common connotation is that dorms only provide a place to sleep and take a bath before you head out to your work, school and do your activities for the day. Upgrading the services that these dormitories offer is proven to have an effect on their tenants’ productivity at school and at work.

As most of the dorms, convenience is their utmost consideration that is why these buildings were made. It is usually situated within the campus or within the work complex. But convenience because of proximity to work and school can be improved by having nearby establishments wherein they can buy their basic needs like food, snacks, basic personal care as well as the processing of their simple financial transactions. With just the commonly provided beds, a comfortable stay can be leveled-up by providing regularly serviced, well-lighted rooms with workstations and desks where they can finish their take home works and assignments.

Safety and security within their rooms and the dorm’s premises should be the least of the tenant’s concerns by providing well-lighted premises and common areas, roving security and functioning lockers within their rooms.

Provided entertainment and recreation areas for the tenants offer a place wherein they can unwind and have time to mingle with their fellow dormers during their free time. A nice garden can also offer a great relaxation area to breathe fresh air, to read a book or when having a phone conversation for their loved ones. A garden of edible plants wherein they can plant their own vegetables and herbs can also be a great de-stressing activity while providing a sense of community to the tenants. Aside from having a physical activity, it can also be a source of food for the long-staying tenants.

A feedback system for the still staying and leaving tenants also provides an avenue for the tenants to have a more meaningful and productive stay and for the dorm management as to how to further improve their services.

Leveling up the experience and services would not only make a worthwhile stay but at the same time improve the productivity of its tenants. This would make a dorm truly a place to be called home away from home.