Memorandum File Date Released
Strict Enforcement of Tobacco Control Policies, Includimg Smoke-Free and Vape-Free Policies, During the Enhanced and General Community Quarantine DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 39 04/30/2020
Reporting of DepEd Facilities Being Used as Alternative Facility for any COVID-19 Related Activity Using the DepEd Mobile App DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 37 04/21/2020
Updated Classification and Mechanism on the Monitoring of Suspect Probable  and Confirmed Cases in DepEd 2020 DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 35 04/11/2020
Discontinuance of Spraying or Misting Disinfectants and the use of Disinfection Booths or Sanitents DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 34 04/11/2020
Mechanism for the Reporting of PUMs, PUIs, and Confirmed Cases in DepEd DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 32 04/07/2020
Meal Assistance for DepEd Central Office Skeletal Force During Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 31 04/07/2020
Authorization for Officials and Personnel Deployed to Render Office and Field-Based Critical Services in the Department of Education in Areas Under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) DTFC-19 Aide Memoire 04/07/2020
Invitation to the Webinar Series on COVID-19 DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 30 04/06/2020
Registration of Single Source of Truth at the School Level DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 29 04/03/2020
Fostering Wellness, Solidarity, and Service Amidst COVID-19 DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 27 03/31/2020
Letters to COVID-19 Frontliners DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 26 03/27/2020
Minimum Standards for Social Distancing Baseline Protocols to be Observed in the Workplace Travel and Home and Private Space and Time of Deployed Personnel during the Enhanced Community Quarantine DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 25 03/25/2020
Baseline Protocols to be Observed in the Workplace, Travel, and Home and Private Space and Time of Deployed Personnel during the Enhanced Community Quarantine and Related Guidelines DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 23 03/21/2020
Submission of Public Service Continuity Plans of Regional and Division Offices DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 22 03/21/2020
PUI and PUM Monitoring for ROs and SDOs DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 21 03/19/2020
Public Service Continuity Plan DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 12 03/17/2020
Adoption of Video Conferencing System During Community Quarantine Period Due to COVID-19 to Continue Operations and Communications DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 6 03/13/2020
Passenger Vans (Batch 1) DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 5 03/13/2020
Travel Advisory for NSPC and NFOT Delegates still in Cagayan and Isabela DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 4 03/13/2020
Measures for Close Contacts of Confirmed Cases of COVID-19, PUMs, and PUIs DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 3 03/12/2020
Creation of Central Office Task Force COVID-19 DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 2 03/09/2020
Notes on Children and COVID-19 and Some Proposed Recommendations DTFC-19 Aide Memoire 03/09/2020
Summary of the Policy Directives Issued by the DepEd Task Force COVID-19 DTFC-19 Aide Memoire 03/09/2020
Health-Related Instructions for NSPC and NFOT DTFC-19 Memorandum No. 1 03/08/2020
On the Suspension of Classes Due to COVID-19 DTFC-19 Aide Memoire 02/03/2020